Encase Intense 3-pack Value Pack


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28 off Shoe Deodorizer & Freshener

With the „Encase Intense“ you give your shoe a pleasant fresh fragrance again. The sneaker smell stop neutralizes bacteria and isolates unpleasant odors.

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The All in pack

Removes 99.9 of all bacteria
Antibacterial and removes almost all bacteria

Smell stop

Smell stop
Unpleasant odours are isolated and neutralized by the killing of the bacteria

250ml XL can

More value
With the 250ml XL can you and many pairs of shoes will enjoy a new freshness experience

Works on almost all materials

NONE Aggressive
For the benefit of the feet, the Intense does not contain aggressive and harmful ingredients

For more than 150 cleanings

Citrus freshness
Smells are not only neutralized. Your shoes also get a pleasant citrus scent

2 brushes

Easy to use
An uncomplicated application makes multiple use a daily routine



Suitable for

Suitable for all types of shoes, brands and models

Fine spray mist ensures optimal distribution

Now with 250ml/8.45oz content
For greater yield

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