Encase Kicks Shoe Wipes


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Shoe Cleaning To Go Wipes in the Donor

With the „KICKS Shoe Wipes“ you are always well prepared. Whether travelling, at a festival or walking, with the kicks you can react immediately and remove unwanted dirt on your beloved shoes quickly and immediately.

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The All in pack

Individually packaged in single packs. Ideal for transport in your pocket or purse

For more than 150 cleanings

Extra wet
The high moisture content ensures an optimal cleaning result


Special cleaning texture
No chance for more dirt due to the 3D point structure on the cloth

Works on almost all materials

Gentle to the surface
The cleaning lotion in the wet wipes does not contain any aggressive chemicals and protects the surface

More value

More value
The Dispenser Box contains 36 Shoe Cleaning Wipes

2 brushes

High Quality
Very solid material, extremely strong and moist.



Suitable for

The ultimate single wipes in the ToGo Pack. A must have for on the go

36 kicks in the practical dispenser box for perfect storage

Extra robust with 3D points for the hard dirt

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