Encase Level Up


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Advanced Shoe Protection

With the „Encase Level Up“ you can effectively protect your shoes with the highest quality nanotechnology-based from dirt and water. Extend the life of your shoes with maximum protection.

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The All in pack

Optimum distribution the nanobody
An effectively coordinated spraying behaviour ensures an optimal distribution of the protective nanobodies on the shoe

For more than 150 cleanings

Effectively protects against water and moisture
The invisible protective barrier prevents water and other liquids from penetrating


No chance for stubborn dirt
Dirt particles have a significantly lower chance of solidifying to the surface material

Works on almost all materials

High-level quality
Developed as a measure of all protection sprays. Best possible protection based on current scientific findings

For more than 150 cleanings

Long-term effect
Breathable protection that lasts up to 4 weeks

2 brushes

Fast time of unravelling
Ready for use 15 minutes after application



Suitable for

Suitable for all types of shoes, brands and models

Fine spray mist ensures optimal distribution of nanobodies

Now with 250ml/8.45oz content
For greater yield

Protection Video

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