Encase Ultimate Microfiber Towel


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Shoe Cleaning Towel

With the „Ultimate Towel“ your shoe gets the perfect finish. Extremely absorbent and oversized for optimal handling. The add on for a thorough shoe cleaning.

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XL Size

XL Size
30x30 cm for optimal handling

extremely absorbent

extremely absorbent
Perfect for removing excess liquids. Up to 7 times the liquid absorption of the dead weight

fast drying

fast drying
As fast as the Ultimate Microfiber Towel absorbs moisture, it is released again


The Ultimate Microfiber Towel leaves no lint or fabric fibers on your shoe


Matching color choice
Do not stain and leaves no traces on your shoe

High Level Quality

High Level Quality
The Only Real with the ENCASE Brand Logo



Suitable for

The optimal handling for a dry and clean shoe

The Ultimate Towel in perfect combination

Extreme absorbency and oversize for the perfect finish

Upkeep Cleaning Guide

1. Put laces with a little upkeep in lukewarm water and clean with the soft brush
2. Brush dry shoe with one of the brushes
3. Moisten the hard brush and apply upkeep
4. Scrub the sole of the shoe with the hard brush until foam is formed and the dirt dissolves
5. Moisten soft brush and apply upkeep
6. Scrub the top of the shoe until foam is formed and the dirt dissolves
7. Remove dirt and foam residues with the microfibre cloth
8. Allow the shoe and laces to dry air

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