Sneaker Essential Box


Upkeep Shoe Cleaner Starter Kit + Level Up Shoe Protection + Kicks Shoe Wipes

The Sneaker Essential Box is the ultimate box for the sneaker lover! It includes a fine selection of sneaker accessories and toiletries. With the „UPKEEP Starter Kit“ you get everything you need to give your shoe a new life. With the „Encase Level Up“ you can effectively protect your shoes from dirt and water. With the „Kicks Shoe Wipes“ cleaning cloths you are well prepared on the way.

€49.90 instead of €62.70



For more than 150 cleanings

The All Inclusive Pack
All you need is care. Includes everything you need to make your shoes look like new


Upkeep Sneaker Cleaner Kit
The exquisite combination of cleaning accessories with the highest quality guarantees the best cleaning results. The basic cleaning for your shoes

No chance for stubborn dirt

Added value with the kicks
The Dispenser Box contains 36 Shoe Cleaning Wipes

Level up

Level Up Protection Spray
Developed as a measure of all protection sprays. Best possible protection based on current scientific findings

Effectively protects against water and moisture

Kicks Shoe Wipes
Individually packaged in single packs. Ideal for transport in your pocket or purse

Upkeep Sneaker Cleaner

Upkeep Sneaker Cleaner
Large 236ml benefit bottle cleans over 150 pairs of shoes


Features Upkeep

Ingredients Upkeep

Over 98 natural plant substances, such as coconut extract and jojoba oil

Suitable for

Fine spray mist ensures optimal distribution of nanobodies

The ultimate single wipes in the ToGo Pack. A must have for on the go

Extreme absorbency and oversize for the perfect finish

Upkeep Cleaning Guide

1. Put laces with a little upkeep in lukewarm water and clean with the soft brush
2. Brush dry shoe with one of the brushes
3. Moisten the hard brush and apply upkeep
4. Scrub the sole of the shoe with the hard brush until foam is formed and the dirt dissolves
5. Moisten soft brush and apply upkeep
6. Scrub the top of the shoe until foam is formed and the dirt dissolves
7. Remove dirt and foam residues with the microfibre cloth
8. Allow the shoe and laces to dry air

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